Feasability Studies, Design, Home Renewal Planning, Historic Preservation, Construction Documents, Specifications, Construction administration, community and co-housing design

Green Consulting:

LEED certification, Green Architect Advocate, Alternative energy selection, Green material selection

Interior Design:

Programming, Space Planning, Interior Finish Selection

Facilities Management:

Inventory existing space allocations, field survey existing space and equipment, CADD documentation of existing facilities, master plan development

The services offered by Renew Architecture & Design include energy-efficient architecture and green interior design, as well as existing building renovations and historic restorations. Our scope of services is informed by our familiarity with a range of scales and budgets, small to large, and different styles, from Nantucket Shingle Style, to classic Craftsman, Classical Greek Revival and Adirondack Great Lodge.

We offer architectural services for large to small-scale residential projects and small to mid-scale commercial projects. We are able to assist businesses and residential clients in assessing their space needs and evaluating real estate possibilities. We offer master planning services for businesses and communities, but we also offer master planning at a residential scale through our Home Renewal service.

Home Renewal planning lets you maximize your home within your budget over the long term- helping you prioritize your needs, minimize wasted space, and determine the long term savings and costs of big purchase decisions. With our plan, you can tackle your bathroom renovation knowing that you haven’t jeopardized your eventual goal of a master suite, a new boiler or a better kitchen. Knowing how it can all fit together, you can start in the right place, and piece by piece renew your home.

“We found our experience with Renew Architecture to be great. She sat down with us and listened to our ideas. We love our dream home and the subtle changes that she suggested made the home even better. Her ability to create our vision was amazing. We build a single level 2600 sq. ft. home and absolutely love our design. We have been in our home for about 1 year now and highly recommend Renew for anyone looking for a great experience and professionalism. I would do it all again without reservation.”
-Potsdam Client