Rebecca Naomi Weld is the principal and founder of Renew Architecture & Design. A graduate of the Tulane University School of Architecture, Rebecca began her career as a designer, carpenter and timber-framer in Potsdam, New York. Having gained first hand knowledge of the construction process, she then moved to Nantucket, Massachusetts to complete her internship and become a licensed architect. In her nearly ten years on Nantucket, Rebecca gained valuable experience in design and project administration for new buildings and renovation projects. Rebecca has returned with her family to Potsdam, and has founded Renew Architecture & Design. She is proud of her record in the North Country of producing architectural work that will help make our built environment a healthier and more beautiful place to live and work.

Architecture is often thought of as a visual art, but at Renew Architecture & Design we also believe it is the art of hearing: listening to what a client wants and needs, what a site and its environment speak for, and making what is heard become what is seen.

Our design values start with your values­- what you care about and what you need, your budget and your vision. Collaboration with the client, a healthy relationship with the builder and all those involved with the project, as well as attention to detail, are the tools we use to achieve successful projects and satisfied clients.

We bring to the table our commitment to the basics of good durable design, carefully thought out spaces, and aesthetics that will stand the test of time. We stay informed about the latest thinking in building science so that your building can be energy efficient; and we also work with clients interested in alternative energy options or “green” materials. While we stay current with best practices, we also support historic preservation and adaptive re-use of existing buildings, and are familiar with traditional building methods such as timber framing, and traditional methods of building design, such as taking advantage of wind and sun with passive solar design and careful landscaping.

At Renew, we value economy of space and materials, with design that allows for quality on a budget, but we appreciate too that sometimes what is called for is a grand gesture. Whether you are ready to renew your existing home or business with a renovation, plan your community or build your dream home, Renew Architecture & Design is ready to hear your ideas and help you build your vision.

“I was thrilled to find such a talented, experienced architect in a small town setting when I was planning to build a house. Rebecca was extremely easy to work with and delivered her work on schedule. She was a good listener and was able to translate my ideas into initial house sketches that met my needs, but also with added detail that gave the whole project more flair and function. Once I had a clearer idea of what my home could look like, I was able to narrow down details that were important to me, and my subsequent revisions to the plans were also easily done. Another important aspect of working with Rebecca was that she worked well with the builders!”
-Colton NY Client